Website Design – Website Analytics – Website Maintenance


We are specialists in creating attractive, bespoke and responsive websites for individuals and small businesses. While we have experience in building and maintaining sites for sports clubs, coaches and fitness professionals, our industry knowledge has allowed us to provide elegant solutions for organisations or individuals with a wide variety of requirements and in a wide variety of industries.

The majority of our website builds have used the excellent WordPress CMS, originally designed for bloggers but which has grown to be an extremely robust and modern platform for both personal and business websites. We have also built websites based in simple HTML and PHP coding, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the best platform for a particular project.

We consult with you every step of the journey from initial design to draft to final completion. We can provide training to enable you to maintain and update your new website yourself going forward, or if the thought of this horrifies you, we also can provide a bespoke ongoing maintenance service to keep your website looking fresh and updated with new content as required.


You’ve got the website, it looks great. You’ve got pages of content for your visitors to read and you have a product or service to sell. The question is, how good a job is the website actually doing?
Understanding how well your website is performing and what could be done to make it work better (or to use the technical term, optimising!) is a challenge faced by many small business owners. You don’t have the time to sift through your Google Analytics data or set up reports and you’re not yet in a position to bring on a specialist web analyst.
This is where we can help. We have experience of producing Google Analytics reports for brands big and small, are Google Analytics qualified (ie we’ve done the courses and passed the exams!) and can help you set up data and reporting on your website’s analytics or produce a regular report, not only on how your website is performing, but what can be done to make it work even better.


Whether you need someone to keep an eye on your WordPress website on a regular basis, keeping plug-ins and back-ups updated and the odd bit of copy changed, or perhaps you need an audit of your current site and some suggestions of things you can change or improve. We have the expertise to help you on a one-off or ongoing basis.


Good copy can be the difference between customers doing business with you, becoming regular readers, or disappearing into the ether, never to be seen again! Whether for an e-commerce website, sales brochure or simply for a blog, we can provide well written, engaging and professional content that flows well, is easy to read and that visitors will want to share on social media.
In addition, we understand what is required for your content to appear high up in search rankings, while avoiding the classic error of making the piece unattractive for the human eye.