Hi, I’m Simon

Hi, I’m Simon, founder of Visiospective.com. After completing half of my University degree in Computer Science (most of which is useless more than 20 years later!), I dabbled in websites in my spare time while working in Digital and eCommerce in my professional roles.

I’ve taken the time to learn various coding languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP and to build WordPress websites. I’ve learned through a lot of trial and error on some high-traffic websites using multivariate testing, user testing and analytics. I’ve gained an understanding of how to improve a website’s performance, whether that be to get someone to pick up the phone and call your business, or add an item to the checkout and make a purchase!

As well as producing reports in virtually every digital role I’ve ever worked in, I’ve completed the exams to become Google Analytics qualified, which means I can take a look at your website numbers and help you analyse the areas for improvement.

Let me explain below the various ways I can help your business.

 You don’t currently have a website

Inevitably in the modern world, businesses need to have an online presence, whether that be a simple, social media page, or a fully functional eCommerce website. A website is like a shop window for your business, so you want it to look good, but you also want it to get people to walk in the door!

You can probably find someone to build you a nice looking but cheap website or perhaps you can put one together using one of the many “website builders” available. Is that going to tempt someone to pick up the phone or send you an email? Maybe, maybe not.

What we do is take the time to get a full understanding of what your business does and what your end goals are. Only then do we start the process of putting together a solution, designing and developing your website.

What I can promise is that not only will the website look modern and attractive, it will also help grow your business – we are proud not only of how our websites look but more importantly how they perform.

You have a website but it’s not performing

A website is not much good if it’s not performing how you need it to. Using analytics, we can look at the visitor data and find areas for improvement. We can then make suggestions as to how to make improvements, and use testing to prove our theories.

You have a website but you don’t know if it’s performing

You might be getting leads or sales which you think are coming from your website but you’re not sure if you could be getting more. This is where we can analyse the visitor data and based on our experience can make suggestions as to how to improve the performance.

You have a website but you don’t have the time to maintain it

Whether you have a WordPress website that needs plug-ins updated, you want to make sure your website is always “live” and not broken, or you just want someone to make regular updates, we can put together a maintenance plan to suit your needs or provide one-off edits as required.

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