Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) & Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) & Analytics


You’ve got the website, it looks great. You’ve got pages of content for your visitors to read and you have a product or service to sell. However, you’re either not getting the sales or the customer enquiries you expected, or you have no idea if your website is performing or not.

Understanding how well your website is performing and what could be done to make it work better (or to use the technical term, optimising!) is a challenge faced by many small business owners. You don’t have the time to sift through your Google Analytics data or set up reports and you’re not yet in a position to bring on a specialist web analyst.

This is where we can help. We can build custom reports which show which marketing channels are driving your prospect traffic, which pages on your website and working and which need improvement, and whether any marketing spend is really bringing a return on investment.

Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference to whether the visitors to your site decide to buy or not, and this can bring huge returns on investment. Get in touch with us now for an initial conversation. 

Our Process


We get an understanding of you and your business goals, and what you want your customers to do when using your website, whether it’s pick up the phone or complete sale.

Test & Analyse

We take a look at your analytics to see what customers are actually doing when they’re on your site. No analytics installed? No problem! We’ll do that and then keep an eye on the results!


We’ll help devise some possible improvements to the site and implement them. Sometimes we’ll come up with a few ideas and test them out so we know which one works the best for your business.

Rinse & Repeat

We’ll analyse the data and optimise further. We can repeat the process for a single website issue or an ongoing improvement cycle, whatever works for you.

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We came across Simon’s work through one of our customers and were impressed with the website he had built for them.  We had a very productive ‘no obligation’ first meeting in which we discussed a number of issues with our website both in terms of design and content.

Simon took a genuine interest in our business goals and made some immediate constructive suggestions on how to rebuild our site and prioritise what we could do most cost effectively. Since that time the site has evolved significantly with improvements to the look and feel, making the copy more SEO friendly and repairing our contact forms. Simon has also been helpful with analytics and is now building links to other sites to improve Google ranking.

He has always been quick to respond to queries and to offer advice, so we are happy to recommend his services. We have more improvements to do and will be using Simon’s services again.

Keith Lyons

Owner, Black & White Basement

As a new personal training business I was keen to have a concise website which would showcase the services I provided. Simon offered a lot of value around the navigation of the site and content layout, as well as helping with the overall ‘look and feel’.

He was very quick at implementing changes and updates and has created a real business website that can be up-scaled as the business requires.  Simon is really easy to work with and is highly organised in helping to deliver a great service. Many of my clients have commented on the website and its clarity and ease of use. I would highly recommend Simon’s services.

Tim Maynard

Owner, TM Personal Training

Simon is a consummate e-Commerce professional.

His understanding of websites, affiliate partnerships, content production, social media, search engine optimisation and all things ‘e’ would be a huge benefit to any business looking to move onto the web.

He is organised, methodical and was a real joy to have as part of my team.

Vedia Johnson

Marketing Director, Avenir Telecom

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