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Web Analytics

Do one or more of these questions crop up in your business?

  • Is your online marketing (Google Paid Search, Display Advertising) bringing any return on investment?
  • Are your email campaigns working?
  • Do your Facebook “Likes” actually result in paying customers?
  • Are you using the right social media platforms to attract new customers?
  • Are your competitors doing a better job?

This is where we can help.

Do you know how well your website is performing?

It’s possible you have an analytics package connected to your website, whether it be the popular Google Analytics, Adobe or something else.

Whichever package you have, it’s a lot of data to work through and it can be hard to turn the numbers into meaningful insights into your business performance. You may only have time for a cursory look at the numbers, and don’t have the budget to commit to a full-time web analyst.

We can put the data together and produce the information you require to move your online business forward. We can provide bespoke and customised dashboards and reporting on an ongoing and regular basis, measure the results of any actions and provide recommendations for improvements.

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“…set the reporting foundation moving forward”

“I worked with Simon for a short spell at Immediate Media but long enough to witness his fast development in to the Enterprise Analyst position, as well as his ability to claim ownership from the very beginning.

“During his contract he did a great job and helped the Enterprise team set the reporting foundation moving forward, among other contributions.

“In addition, he was a pleasant person to have around, polite and approachable.”

Ranyere Rodrigues

Analytics Implementation Engineer, The Economist